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Forum Topic - Post renal Transplant advise

Posted by Author: Rajendra P
Subject: Post renal Transplant advise

Dear doctor sir ,
Sadar pranaam
Rajendra puri, kota rajasthan.iam a followup patient in BARC hospiatl.mumbai.
My renal Transplant was done on April 2012
But protin urin 653 high.
And tecrolimus level:-
Pangraf Dose 2.0. - --1.5 mg== 1.03ng/ml(01/12/17)
Pangraf dose. 2.5 - ---2.0mg ==1.3 ng/ml(14/12/17)
Pangraf dose 3.0---- -3.0mg==2.6 ng/ml(23{12/17)
It was 4.7 ng/ml on 2.0----2.0 mg on past your followup.
What dose pangraf I can take ??
My next appointment on 14 February Tuesday.barc hospital Mumbai.
Please advise me, will I come 14 February or januar ??
Now creat 1.2, Bun 10.6, CBC,renal profile, colstrol, push cell, liver profile are normal. No any physically problem.
A lot of Thanks
Rajendra puri. Kota rajasthan.Post Reply
Dec 28 2017 03:34 AM

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