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Forum Topic - kidney doctor in Delhi

Author: Posted by Ankit S
Subject: kidney doctor in Delhi

Healthy functioning of the kidney can help in living a balanced life, as it results in maintaining the body’s fluid and balancing electrolyte. But, any problem that occurs with kidney’s dysfunctionality can make one’s life uncomfortable. The improper working of the kidney can be a sign of kidney stones, kidney cancer or kidney failure, which can be life-threatening. Hence, one can consult a kidney doctor at Dr Niren Rao’s Urology Practice in Delhi. The common symptom of kidney dysfunctionality is blood in urine, frequent urge to urinate, reduced amount of urine, flank pain, and painful urination. If someone notices such symptoms, it requires immediate treatment, and the medical condition must be cured to prevent any further problem. Consult the best kidney doctor in South Delhi at Dr Niren Rao’s Urology Practice for the best treatment!
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Dec 16 2019 01:41 AM

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